Wednesday 2 March 2011

Stranger than fiction...

Last November after seeing a request for art pieces to celebrate International Woman's Day in Cardiff Art spaces I decided to enter the three that I had created during the summer.

You must keep in mind that I only started painting in August 2010 after at least twenty years of turning my back on acrylics and canvas.

I didn't hear anything so I thought the work hadn't made the cut, until  I received an email in January...

'Hi there,

Just to let you know you have been selected to show in Off the Wall for IWD. Please contact ...... a.s.a.p

She would like some more images, the show starts on 24th February'
My inital reaction to this was AARRGGHH! Withing ten minutes of receiving the message I was planning the three paintings I would create that weekend. A trip to The Range and many long arduous nights sketching and painting whilst watching the Sopranos back to back paid off. Ironically it was these three paintings that the gallery were interested in and selected for the exhibition.

The opening night was held on Thursday 24th February. It was a fantastic experience and worthwhile to make new contacts in the Welsh Art world. Brilliant for the ethnography work I need to do.

The WAA were interested in my PhD research so this could be useful at a later date.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Thursday 1 July 2010

Friday 23 April 2010

An artist's biography

Recreating the past - Seren Rhys' background

Tuesday 20 April 2010

Practice - Creating a retrospective exhibition

With the blog taking shape for Seren Rhys the idea is to start creating credible art projects that would make up her work over the last twenty years.

The photographs I have been recently doing for Backroom proved to be an interesting starting point. Going through the last two events I could see some kind of project taking shape - i was drawn to the way women presented themsleves and the freedom of their dancing as they were caught up in the moment.

A chance reading of greek mythology brought me across the term 'maenad'. The direct translation - 'raving ones' which I thought was apt for this first project.

The plan is continue with this series and perhaps travel further afield. It woudl perhaps be useful to collect stories from subjects to enhance the reading of the project.
I have had quite a positive response to the Seren Rhys website  from Facebook friends. it is perhaps time to reflect on how to create a 'buzz' about the project.